Multi Sports Facility

“Sound mind in a sound body”. Equal importance is given for curricular (scholastic) and cocurricular(non scholastic)activities. Well set up playground with play items & toys are provided.

The school provides ample opportunities for students to engage in an array of indoor games such as carom, chess, table tennis, etc and outdoor games like Volley ball, Kho- Kho, Throw ball, badminton, basket ball and track events


To cater to the inquisitive minds, the school houses a library which offers exhaustive reading materials on a wide range of subjects  The school library houses a wide collection of about 4000 books and periodicals, encyclopedia, fictional and non – fictional books, journals, newspapers, etc with e-learning facility. Activities like Book fair, literary clubs are frequently organised to encourage reading habit in students. School in association with The Hindu conducts Newspaper in Education program to enrich vocabulary, elevate literary skills.

Computer Lab

The school facilitates the students with a well-equipped computer lab with latest 40 computers that each child can handle independently. Student friendly software is loaded for self learning. A projector is also installed to teach effectively. Various multimedia software are available to support the school activities with internet facility.

Science Lab

Experimentation and experiential learning is very important in learning of science. To acquire practical skills the school has well- equipped and well – stocked chemistry, physics and biology lab. Specimens, models, charts, educational CDs are used as effective teaching tools.

Inoyise lab provides students with an opportunity to “learn by doing” through various models based on scientific and mathematical concepts. Abacus and Vedic Mathematics has been introduced