Welcome to ‘‘Maithry Vidyanikethan’’

Why Maithry Vidyanikethan

Maithry Vidyanikethan is situated in a lush-green, serene and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city congenial for learning. It aims at the all-round mental, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of every student. The school is established in 2003 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (Affln. No. 830156), New Delhi.

The school is a child-centered, co-educational institution dedicated to develop intellectual curiosity and sense of competence. It caters to the needs of the students and provides innumerable facilities and opportunities to explore, learn and achieve. We provide a conducive and safe environment to nurture and develop a child to his/her full potential.


Our Pre-School assures to offer each child a safe, caring and friendly environment. Children are encouraged to explore, imagine and learn through fun and play. The infra structure is planned and designed to undertake a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Concepts are taught using play -way methods to make learning a “ fairy tale experience”.


Our Kindergarten provides well-trained and experienced staff. We create an atmosphere that motivates the students to discover the world around them. We stimulate inquisitiveness and boost self-confidence to help them do things on their own.

Classroom Facilities

Classrooms are spacious and well lit – with flexible furniture to modify seating arrangement at will. They are technology equipped with Teach Next “Smart Class” programme.

Empowering Teachers

Empowering Teachers through teacher training program. Our Teacher training program is influenced by traditional and contemporary theories in child development and education.

We support the development of self-help skills by incorporating real life experiences as examples and illustrations to effectively support the text of our teacher training curriculum for better understanding of our students.

Equal value is given to all aspects of child development and management.

We train our students to provide a positive, warm and nurturing climate where meaningful learning can take place.


To take care of the mental health of students, guidance and counselling by an expert counselor is available to students. Regular meetings with parents are conducted to address the relevant issues. Learning disabilities and disorder students are identified and counselled .

Scouts and Guides

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is the National Scouting and Guiding association of India.

The main aim of Bharat Scouts and Guides is to bring up youngsters to become responsible citizens of India, who have the basic knowledge of every possible survival skill this develops young minds both physically and intellectually.

Our Results Speak for themselves!

Academic Excellence
The students of class X achieved excellent results in 2021 Board Exam. For the 12th consecutive year, we have Maintained 100% results with 27 students getting above 90%. In spite of the new exam structure of the Board the students put up a great performance.
Students of the school also took part in various inter-school competitions winning prizes. Our belief in ourselves and selfless efforts have always propelled us towards excellence.


Meet Our Toppers (2021-22)

Avanthika J – 97.8%
Deeksha P – 97.8%
Vidhathri Panambur Upadhyaya – 97.6%
Ritika Gupta – 97.4%
Eshaan Sumeer – 96.6%
Praveena Murugesan – 96.4%
Sharwari Sachin Bhongale – 95.4%
D Chaturvimsh Giri – 95.2%
Vijay Bharadwaj K – 95.2%
Adarsh K R – 94.4%
Chethan V – 93.6%
Aqeel Ahmed Attar – 93.4%
Jeival M Kale – 93.2%
K Poorna Chandra Gowda – 93.2%
Roshini Deepa G – 93.2%
Merlin Philip – 93%
Sunaina R – 92.4%
Navyashree B – 92%
Navya A – 91.8%
Poornima P – 91.8%
M Sharath Atchayan – 91.6%
Bagurubilli Ruhika – 91.2%
Likith D – 90.6%
Manoj Kumar B – 90.6%
Vaishnavi R Bhat – 90.6%
Shashank Manjunatha – 90.2%
Stuti Banerjee – 90.2%

Your Children

We, at Maithry, believe that a smile can work wonders. The positive attitude of students and teachers creates a pleasant atmosphere and spreads happiness throughout the school. Good talks and deeds practised in the school help our children develop and practise good culture.
Child Safety
To ensure child safety a number of measures are taken

  • A child protection committee is formed in the school which is responsible for the safety of children.
  • 60 CCTV Cameras are installed to cover every nook and corner of the school building, ground, entrance, etc.
  • ID Cards are issued to parents which they have to produce before entering the school premises.
  • Security staff is employed from a reputed organisation.
  • Students are taught how to keep themselves safe. Awareness programmes are also organised frequently.
  • City Traffic Police organise Road Safety Awareness Program for children every year

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priority